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Response, Early Intervention and Assessment in Community Mental Health (REACH)


REACH is a community-based programme for children & adolescents aged 6 to 19 years old, set up to work closely with school clusters to:

  • Improve mental health of children and adolescents in schools
  • Provide early interventions, support and training to school counsellors on mental health disorders
  • Develop a mental health network for children and adolescents in the community involving:
    • General practitioners (Family doctors and community paediatricians)
    • Full-time School Counsellors (FTSCs), and/or
    • Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Family Services Centres

The REACH team comprises psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, medical social workers and nurses to provide assessment and treatment for students with mental health disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia etc.

For more information, you may visit Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Zippy’s Friends

Zippys Friends_634521268083845263.jpg

Zippy's Friends is an international school-based mental health promotion programme that teaches social and positive coping skills to young children from aged 5 to 7 years old. Children will learn how to find their own solutions and expand on their range of coping strategies through stories, role playing, drawing, working with puppets and playing games.

The programme is built around a set of six stories. Zippy is a stick insect and his friends are a group of young children, and the stories show them confronting issues that are familiar to young children - friendship, communication, feeling lonely, bullying, dealing with change and loss, and making a new start. Each story is illustrated with brightly coloured pictures.

This is a useful programme for Primary One students as it helps them to manage the changes from preschool to primary school and equip them with practical skills. For more information, you may visit Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Partnership for Children (UK).

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